Shilajit is an ayurvedic herb considered as nectar, blessed with diversified properties which help in treating almost all kinds of health related problems faced by mankind. It is popular with other names also such as asphaltum, mineral pitch, and girij. This natural substance is extracted from the decomposition of hundreds of herbs of the Himalayan Mountain Ranges. This rare composition of more than eighty five minerals and several other useful acids such as humic acid and fulvic acid is found in Himalayan mountain ranges especially in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.

Due to its medicinal properties, Shilajit extract is widely used in preparation of ayurvedic medicines which has the capability of treating a wide range of physical disorders such as:

  1. Premature ejaculation – The problem of premature ejaculation leaves a man dissatisfied due to short duration of his sexual encounters. Generally, it is caused by serious anxiety or emotional stress, however in some cases injuries, nerve damage or prostate issues can also cause this problem. But the good thing is that the regular intake of Shilajit with aphrodisiac properties is extremely effective in treating several male sexual problems and boosts stamina and sexual health simultaneously.
  2. Erectile dysfunction – Erectile dysfunction is a condition when a man is not able to get an erection during intercourse and leaves his partner dissatisfied. The major cause of this problem is depression or emotional stress, Shilajit helps in treating this problem by improving the blood circulation and boosting libido which results in the longer duration of erection.
  3. General body tonic – Shilajit extract is one of the best body tonics which speed up the recovery from the ailment. It is a combination of several minerals and vitamins which easily cover up the deficiencies your body suffer from. It is highly effective in treating conditions like fatigue and weakness.
  4. Lower back pain – The anti-inflammatory properties of Shilajit extract help relieve lower back pain and other joint pains.
  5. Diabetes – The count of diabetic patients is on the rise. However, modern medical science can effectively treat diabetes but on the other hand it also increases the chances of other ailments. Therefore, the best way to treat this disease is to go natural. Shilajit is considered as a boon for diabetes patients which reduces the damage that diabetes can cause to your body and also help to regulate blood glucose levels.
  6. Urinary problems – Shilajit is one of the best herbal solutions to treat all sorts of male health disorders especially related to the genital-urinary system. Shilajit extract helps in treating the inconvenience in urination caused by the enlarged prostate gland and several other problems pertaining to the excretory system.
  7. Early aging – Premature aging is the biggest dilemma for today’s young generation. Shilajit is extremely helpful in slowing down the preoxidation of body cells which delays the natural aging process and avoids early aging changes like wrinkles and early graying of hairs.
  8. Arthritis – Arthritis – being a chronic disease, it causes pain in joints. This disease is very common in elderly people especially those who are above the age of 60. Shilajit is the best treatment, packed with powerful antioxidants and fulvic acid which increases the level of antioxidant in the body and help ease the inflamed joints.
  9. Kidney stones – Shilajit has the power to dissolve any size of stone formed in kidneys and easily expel it out from the body through urine. It also helps in excreting harmful toxins from the body which affect the urinary tract.
  10. Immunity – Weak immune system means you are more capable of getting infected by a substance or organism which may cause a disease. Shilajit extract is very helpful in strengthening the immunity of the body and rebuilding the body naturally. It makes body powerful to resist the impact of infection and thus prevent progressing of some disease which may be a serious health concern for you.

When it comes to purchasing Shilajit, there are a multitude of companies claim to provide authentic Shilajit but remember it is a rare and expensive substance and not easy to obtain. So, make sure you purchase it from a company who obtains it from genuine sources.



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