People who struggle in the workplace have occupational diseases, It is probably a sleep problem. The stress of work leads to insomnia, difficulty maintaining sleep, and poor sleep quality. In the long run, it will also cause emotional problems and memory decline.

In 2016, data from the Chinese Sleep Research Association showed that the insomnia rate of Chinese adults was as high as 38.2%, which means that more than one-third of Chinese people have sleep disorders, and this data is still rising year by year.

The growing army of insomnia has given birth to the market of sleep aid products, from sleep aid drugs, and health care products, to sleeping devices such as sleeping bracelets and sleeping lights, and even new occupations and products such as live broadcast sleep aids and sleep apps.

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The growing army of insomnia has given birth to the sleep product market, from sleep medicine, and health products, sleep bracelets, sleep lamps, and even new jobs such as live sleep aids and products such as sleep aid apps.

Let sleep become a luxury item, and consumers’ demand for sleep aid has continued to surge, which has allowed the “sleep economy” to rise rapidly.

The sleep health product market is also expanding year by year. According to Euromonitor International’s report, China’s sleep dietary supplement market (in terms of sales) increased from 830 million RMB to 1.33 billion RMB from 2014 to 2019, a compound annual growth rate. Reached 9.9%, and will continue to grow in the future.

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According to experts from the top three companies in the sleep healthcare industry, due to the working pressure of young and middle-aged groups, frequent health problems, and increased overall health awareness, the main consumers of sleep healthcare products in China are becoming younger.

“Post-80s” and “post-90s” are the main force of sleep disorders.

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In terms of ingredients, the main sleep health products currently on the market are divided into two categories: Adding high-purity melatonin (above 99.5%) and herbal ingredients (for example, jujube seed, sesamin, valerian root, etc.).

Facing the big cake of the sleep health products market, how to find a suitable position, introduce new functional ingredient products, and share a piece of cake?

Neumentix launched their spearmint extract, and a large number of clinical studies have confirmed the positive effects of spearmint extract on cognitive health, especially helping to sleep faster at night.

Returning to nature is the trend of the times, looking forward to more plant extract products useful in the sleeping market.