What is a Soy Polysaccharides? 

SSPS or soluble soy polysaccharide is a polysaccharide that dissolves in water properly haul out and filtered from the soybean. Soluble soybean polysaccharide is a rich source of dietary fibres found in the cotyledon of the soybean that has high stability and low viscosity in a liquid solution. 

Benefits of Soluble Soy Polysaccharides

SSPS is a good source of dietary fibres and consumption of dietary fibres has so many health benefits such as it improves laxation, reduce the risk of diabetes and also reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. It is a result of soy and hauls out and distilled from the okara. It is integrated into three sorts of products of dairy such as low-fat ice cream, beverages of milk-shake type and puddings in a high amount without integrating any other product to it. There are so many sensory examinations and rheological tests have been conducted to create a desirable soluble soy polysaccharide equipped products. As per the rheological facts, 4% SSPS-equipped puddings and 4% SSPS-equipped dairy milkshake beverages are in a good range of profitable products. As per the sensory examination, 4% 4% SSPS-equipped pudding, 4% SSPS-equipped milkshake beverages, 4% SSPS-equipped low fat ice-cream has been on the highest rating as commercial use. According to the discussion, people want to consume more SSPS-equipped products in their normal life. As per the study, the normal intake of dietary fibre in human life is very low and regular consumption SSPS-equipped products increase the value of dietary fibres in the body what is required. The regular intake of this SSPS-equipped product helps in filling the gap what is lacking behind. 

The products that are available in the market such as SSPS-equipped low-fat ice-cream, pudding and milkshake beverages are good to use if your regular intake of fibre is very low plus the taste is good enough. Such products are in the satisfactory sort of rheological stricture and other measurements of physical stability are quite satisfactory according to the sensory examination. 

How can we use SSPS (soluble soy polysaccharide) to create a biodegradable layer for green packaging? 

This is a new layer forming material developed in the market for the green packaging of materials that contains 3 levels of glycerol i.e., 20%, 30%, 40% w/w as a plasticizer. The technique is evaluated and developed in the terms of mechanical and physical barriers along with with the optical properties also the microstructure. Films that are made from SSPS have the lowest water vapour permeability because of the concentration of 20%gycerol. Cumulative the glycerol concentration upsurges the value for the elongation at disruption (p<0.05), but also diminutions the strength of the tensile value (p<0.05). It is detected that plasticizer content noteworthily exaggerated the temperature of the glass transition film, though it had not shown any noteworthy consequence on the melting point. The measurement that is coloured has shown the increasement in the concentration of the glycerol increases the change in the values of b and L, whereas ΔE value reduced. These outcomes were clarified by the Film’s microstructure, that was examined by the force of the atom’s microscopy and perusing microscopy electrons. The outcomes specified that Soluble soy polysaccharide can be a helpful and promising food packaging material. 

What are the uses of SSPS (soluble soy polysaccharide)? 

Soluble Soy polysaccharide is a medication that is used to treat disease in the child such as diarrhoea, it is a good source of dietary fibre and various other conditions. Along with the diarrhoea, it is a good source of many nutrients and vitamins. It helps in maintaining good health if taken in a good amount but not in an excess amount. SSPS (soluble soy polysaccharide) helps in improving the situation of patients by reducing the duration of the liquid stool if any bad condition happened. 

Where you can store SSPS (soluble soy polysaccharide)? 

 You can store it at room temperature, especially away from the direct light and heat. Do not store it under very low temperature until it as instructed on the package. Avoid the medicine in the contact of pets and children. Before taking this medication do not forget to concern to the doctor. 



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