There is a naturally occurring proto alkaloid in bitter orange. This compound is said to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Interested in knowing what is this compound and what are its benefits? Then here are the details.

The compound that we are talking about is Synephrine. Let us check out the different benefits that this compound has on the human body.

May be useful in weight loss:

There have been studies that indicate that this compound may be useful in increasing fat oxidation during exercise. This, in turn, will help in weight loss. However, it is believed that more trials are required in this regards. Also one needs to check with a health practitioner about the safety and effectiveness of this compound in losing weight.

May be useful in increasing the rate of metabolism:

There are studies where it was found that people who took Synephrine were found to burn more calories as compared to people who did not consume the compound. There was no increase in the heart rate or in the blood pressure of these people.

The athletic performance of the person may improve:

It has been found that people who take this compound before work out are able to exercise more as compared to those people who did not take this compound prior to workout. So, one can say that the athletic performance of the person improves with this compound.

Good for the digestive tract:

It is believed that this compound has an effect on the movement of the intestinal muscles. This, in turn, can take care of a number of problems that are related to the stomach like the irritable bowel syndrome etc. So, mainly this reduction in the movement of the intestinal muscles is said to have a beneficial effect on the digestive tract.

May help in boosting energy and mood:

Studies have been carried out on mice in order to check if this compound had any effect on the mood and energy levels. It was found that it helped in elevating the mood and the energy levels of these mice.

It may have antioxidant activity:

It is found to decrease the production of reactive oxygen species that are released by neutrophils. This is done by inhibiting the enzyme NADPH oxidase. This enzyme is said to release a number of free radicals. Due to this, it is believed that this compound may be having antioxidant activity.

May have anti-inflammatory properties:

Studies were carried out on mice and it was found that this compound decreased the number of inflammatory cells and inflammatory cytokines. It was found to help in increasing the anti-inflammatory activity. Thus it is believed that this compound may be useful in the reduction of inflammation.

May be useful in the reduction of allergy symptoms:

In the case of mice, it was found that this compound was helpful in the reduction of symptoms due to allergies. It was found to be useful in the reduction of spasms due to cough etc.

May be useful against infections:

There are studies that indicate that this compound may be useful against infections. This includes infections that may be caused due to bacteria or infections that may be caused due to fungi.

A few precautions that you may have to take:

Before taking this supplement it is always better to take into account the safety aspect. There is a possibility of side reactions.  It is also found that this compound may interact with certain other compounds. So before one starts taking this compound it is important to keep all these aspects in mind.

Therefore before you start taking this compound it is better to check with your medical practitioner. He will take into consideration your overall health and other factors like reasons due to which you want to take this supplement, allergies, drug interactions etc. The medical practitioner will also give you the details about the dosage etc.

This compound is found to have a number of benefits. However certain aspects still need more evidence. You can always consult your doctor for the dosage recommendation of this compound. The doctor will tell you what dosage is best for you after considering all the different details about your health and the compound.

Citrus Aurantium Extract

Citrus Aurantium Extract

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