Name: Arbutin

Synonym:  Arbutine, beta-arbutin, ursin
Chemical name: 4-Hydroxyphenyl-beta-D-glucopyranoside
CAS#: 497-76-7

REACH reference number: 05-2114278657-32-0000

Molecule structure:

Property: Arbutin effectively inhibits the formation of melanin, splash, and fleck can be got rid of and no side effects are caused. Arbutin can also moisten the skin which looks very lightening, so arbutin is used as a skin-lightening and whitening agent in cosmetics. Arbutin was also used as a drug.

Technical data: Please see the Product Technical Data Sheet for Arbutin in the Technical Support.
Safety property: Arbutin is the safest skin lightening and whitening agent at present, and the safety property of arbutin please see Material Safety Data Sheet for Arbutin in the Technical Support.
Assay: ≥99.5%(HPLC)

Solubility: Arbutin is soluble in water, methanol, or alcohol. Insoluble particles in water less than 10 pcs per 100 grams arbutin.

Package: 1 kilogram of arbutin per bag, aluminum foil bag, and PE bag lining.

Name: Alpha-arbutin

Chemical name: 4-Hydroxyphenyl-alpha-D-glucopyranoside
CAS#: 84380-01-8

Molecule structure:

Chemical formula: C12H16O7

Molecular weight: 272.26g/mole

Melting point: 203~207±1ºC

Assay: ≥99%(HPLC)

Property: Same as arbutin, alpha-arbutin can effectively inhibit the formation of melanin, and splash, and fleck can be gotten rid of. The inhibitory effect on tyrosinase of alpha-arbutin is better than arbutin, and the dosage of alpha-arbutin is less.

Package: 1kilograms alpha-arbutin per bag, aluminum foil bag, and PE bag lining.


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