Cassia Seed Extract

Cassia Seed Extract

Botanical Source: Cassia Obtusifolia L./Cassia Tora L.
Specifications: 5:1 10:1 1% Anthraquinones HPLC
Appearance: Fine brown powder


Cassia seeds are bitter, sweet, and salty in flavor. Cassia seed extract is beneficial in problems related to the intestine, liver, large intestine, and vision. The seed extract is also used as an alternative to coffee. The seed is slightly cold and hence works better on the liver and large intestine.
Cassia is the native tree of the tropics. It is quite popular in China in Sichuan, Anhui, Guangdong, and Guangxi regions. During the fall months, Cassia seeds are harvested and these are sun-dried before use. Cassia seeds are used in different forms such as whole seeds, tea packets, ground powder, pastes, and herb pillows. Cassia seed helps improve vision, removes intensive heat from the liver provides nourishment to the large intestine, and also smoothes bowel movement.


  1. For treating conjunctival congestion swelling and pain, dizziness, and headache caused by the flaming-up of the liver fire.
  2. For treating blurring vision due to Yin deficiency.
  3. For treating heat accumulation in the large intestine, and constipation due to intestinal dryness.

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