Chamomile extract

Botanical name: Matricaria recutita, Anthemis nobilis, Matricaria chamomilia

Used part: whole grass

Extract ratio: 10:1

Appearance: Brown fine powder

Extract solvent: Water


It is native to England and cultivated in Germany, France, and Morocco. Its mother chrysanthemum is produced in Europe, Asia, and Xinjiang of China. Xinjiang is the largest planting area of chamomile in Rome of China, and Anhui is the largest planting area of chamomile in Germany.

Chamomile essential oil is also a very popular health care and pharmaceutical products. Because chamomile can help sleep, relieve the patient’s inflammation and pain symptoms, relieve the effect of insomnia caused by nerve pruritus. It is also widely cultivated in parts of China for medicine and tea

Product function

  1. The soothing effect is excellent, can relieve anxiety, tension, anger, and fear, make people relaxed, patience, feeling peace. Ease worry, calm the mind, very helpful for insomnia.
  2. Chamomile has the function of relieving pain, which can relieve dull muscle pain, especially because of nervous stress, and also helps lower back pain.
  3. Relieve scalds, blisters, inflamed wounds, ulcers, and healing. Helps to improve eczema, facial blister, herpes, tinea, hypersensitive skin, and general allergies.

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