Corn silk extract

Corn silk extract

Other names: Stigma Maydis extract

Specification: 5:1

Botanical name: Zea mays L

Appearance: Yellow Brown Powder

Ingredient: Alkaloid, Polysaccharide flavonoids

What is corn silk:

Corn silk extract is an herbal supplement from corn’s dried, ground stigmas (Zea mays). It treats urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and bladder infections. It is also used to reduce inflammation and as a diuretic.


  • It can increase the excretion of chloride. The diuretic effect is mainly outside of the kidney, as the kidney function is fragile;
  • It has a lowering blood pressure and blood glucose effect. The fermentation preparation of corn stigma has a very significant reduction in blood sugar in rabbits;
  • It has a choleretic effect, increases bile secretion and promotes bile excretion, and can reduce organic and impurity in bile;
  • It has a hemostasis effect, can accelerate the process of blood coagulation, increases blood levels of thrombin increases platelet count.

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