Green coffee bean extract

Green coffee bean extract

Botanical source: Coffea Arabica L

Content Specifications: 45.0%-50% Chlorogenic Acids HPLC

CAS No.: 327-97-9


Green Coffee Bean Extract comes from Rubiaceae: small, medium, and big coffee seeds. Its’ main active ingredient is chlorogenic acid with the effects of lowering blood pressure, anti-tumor, nourishing kidneys, anti-oxidation, and other effects. It also can be used as healthy food to create a sweet smell and delicious taste. This active ingredient can absorb free oxygen radicals; and help to avert hydroxyl radicals in the body.


  1. Reducing blood pressure with non-toxic and no side effects
  2. With the function of anti-cancer and anti-tumor
  3. With the effect of exciting the pituitary-adrenal system and enhancing the function of the adrenal cortex
  4. Promoting metabolism and preventing aging

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