Loquat Leaf Extract

Loquat Leaf Extract is derived from the leaves of the loquat tree (Eriobotrya japonica), which is native to southeastern China. This extract has been traditionally used in various cultures for its medicinal properties.

Loquat Leaf Extract

Latin Name: Eriobotrya japonica(Thunb.)Lind
Plant part: leaf
1%~20% Corosolic acid HPLC
5%~95% ursolic acid HPLC
CAS.: 4547-24-4

It is the leaves of loquat that belong to the Rosaceae plant. It is a green arbor or shrub. Its leaves are alternative and extended oval-shaped or inverted ovate. There are scattered sawteeth on edge. There are many folds in the front of the base, A thick and rusty nap behind the ground. It is fostered worldwide and wildly grows in Sichuan and Hubei provinces. Loquat leaves can be picked all year.

-it can be used for balancing blood sugar.
-It can Promote weight loss and is an essential function
-it can promote healthy insulin levels
-it can control appetite and food cravings, especially carbohydrate cravings.

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