Milk Thistle Extract


Milk Thistle Dry Extract, Extract Cardui Mariae, Silymarin

Standard: USP, EP, DAB

Silymarin by acetone DAB 10 80%UV, Silybin+isosilybin 30%, silybin 30%
Silymarin by ethylacetate 80%UV, 40% HPLC.
Silymarin by ethanol 70%UV 80%UV
Water soluble silymarin 20% 40% 45% UV
Silybin 80%~97% HPLC
CAS NO.: 65666-07-1
Molecular Formula: C25H22O10
Molecular weight: 482.44
Amorphous Powder, Yellow to Yellowish- Brown Color,
Slight and Specific Odour, Bitter in taste.
Plant: Silybum Marianum (L.) Gaertn., Milk Thistle, Mariendiestel
Used part: Seeds
Solvent: Ethyl acetate and Acetone

Silymarin is a kind of flavone and lignanoid compound .
The main ingredients are: Silybin, Isosilybin, Silydianin, Silychristin, etc. It has the efficacy of liver protecting, improve the function of liver, promote biliation and diminishliver inflammation. As a kind of better antioxidant, it can clearing free radical in human body, postpone senility. Silymarin can protect the liver from damage of alcohol, chemical toxicant, drug, food poison, environmental pollution; Accelerate liver cell regenerating and repairing. So it is called “The natural liver-protection drug”. In addition, Silymarin has the function of radiation hardening, arteriosclerosis preventing, skin-aging delaying. It is widely used in drug, health products, food and cosmetics.

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