Poria Cocos Extract

Poria Cocos Extract

Latin Name: Poria cocos (Schw.) Wolf

Part Used: Dry sclerotium

Appearance: Grey-white or Yellow-brown fine powder

Specification: 5:1, Polysaccharides UV Poriatin HPLC Pachymic acid HPLC

Poria Cocos Extract Description:

Poria cocos is a traditional popular ancient and widely used herb in Chinese medicine.it is a solid fungus also known as Fu Ling, Poria, Tuckahoe, Indian bread, or Hoelen, and grows on the roots of old, dead pine trees. Poria cocos have been traditionally used as a tonic to benefit the internal organs. Poria is normally white, and also called “White Poria”. The variant with light red color is called “Red Poria”. Poria cocos mainly contain Polysaccharides, Carboxymethyl Pachyman, Triterpene, and Pachymic acid. It is a new type of immunoregulation nutritive health food. It adopts Tuckahoe, a pure natural Chinese medicine, and it is refined through modern techniques and advanced crafts. It can strengthen physiological activities and prevent disease. It can promote the functional recovery of the human immune system. It can induce or promote the induction of interferon and leukocytic opsonin. It has indirect antiviral and anti-neoplastic effects and lessens the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. It can protect livers, lower the enzyme(CPT), prolong life, calm the nerves, strengthen the stomach, improve looks, also lowers blood sugar levels, and so on.


  1. it can strengthen the physiological activities and prevent disease;
  2. it can promote the functional recovery of the human immune system;
  3. it can induce or promote induction of the interferon and opsonin;
  4. it has indirect antiviral and anti-cancer affection and
  5. it can lessen the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.
  6. It has the function of protecting livers, lowering the enzyme(CPT), prolonging the life

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