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Qherb Specification Haematococcus Pluvialis  powder Astaxanthin 3% 4% HPLC 5% UV Astaxanthin Oleoresin oil 5% 10% HPLC Astaxanthin Microencapsulatio Powder 2% HPLC Astaxanthin is the king of carotenoids that has been acknowledged by many different scientific researchers to be the strongest natural antioxidant. 6000X stronger than Vitamin C 600X stronger than CoQ10 550X stronger than Green […]

Astaxanthin is a kind of fat-soluble carotenoid (also a kind of red pigment). Natural astaxanthin is a kind of super antioxidant. Its antioxidant capacity is 550 times as much as that of ordinary vitamin E (the animal test by Wang Zhencheng of Zhejiang University has reached 1000 times), and that is 10 times as much […]

Astaxanthin is a kind of keto carotenoid, red solid powder, fat-soluble and insoluble in water. It widely exists in the biological world. Qherb’s select the extracted material is natural raw Haematococcus Pluvialis from Yunnan province. Astaxanthin is easy to lose its activity after being affected by light, heat, and oxide. Based on its instability, it […]

What is Astaxanthin? Astaxanthin is a pigment of red colour that comes from a chemical group called Carotenoids. It arises spontaneously in a few algae that cause the red and pink colour in trout, shrimp, lobster and various extra seafood. Astaxanthin is used to add colours to the food such as crabs, chicken, shrimp, eggs […]