The unrestrained pace of recent decades has raised stress levels, with negative consequences on the well-being of individuals. Above all, it is the intestine. The percentage of subjects with intestinal disorders, such as constipation and constipation, which fall more generally in lazy bowel syndrome, increases. Natural remedies can help prevent and alleviate this disorder. A particular aid is offered by the Senna, an herb long known for its beneficial effects on the entire digestive system.

Those with a tendency for lazy bowel should, first of all, rely on natural remedies, which are the most suitable and effective answer to going to the bathroom without difficulty. The first step against the blocked intestine is to get used to drinking lots of water, much more than you usually drink. Also, the diet must be adjusted, adopting a diet that has immediate natural laxative effects, then starts with increasing the consumption of fruit and vegetables, without neglecting the importance of probiotics which are valuable for restoring the intestinal bacterial flora.

Bowel syndrome

The first signs of a malfunctioning of the intestine are abdominal pain, meteorism, irritable colon, bad breath, and alteration in the evacuation process. Good physical activity can help restore an organ’s health condition. This is associated with a healthy lifestyle and a correct diet, accompanied by taking natural remedies and laxatives. Herbal tea or an infusion can improve the peristaltic action, while the supplements allow taking active ingredients capable of reactivating the intestinal musculature and the normal physiological evacuation process.

The Senna: an ally for the intestine

The Cassia Angustifolia plant looks like a small shrub, which can reach five feet tall. The fruits are black and elongated and are collected and dried together with the leaves to obtain the drug. The vulgar name is Senna; it is believed that the word derives from Arabic and means to heal. It was the Arabs who introduced the use of the senna leaf extract as a medicinal plant in Europe in the 9th century. In the following centuries, Paracelsus indicates the plant as optimal for effective purgative action.

The senna leaf extract is often used as a laxative to regulate intestinal transit, thanks to its active ingredient, anthraquinone glycosides, which act by promoting peristalsis. Numerous clinical studies have confirmed its properties. Currently, Senna extracts are also used as a basic component for drugs used in the treatment of constipation.

The use of the Senna

The main virtue of the senna leaf extract is its marked laxative activity. Used in the treatment of constipation, it promotes the proper functioning of the digestive system. If taken in the right doses it has no side effects. The natural preparations vary according to the preferences of intake, in commerce, they are found: in infusions, tisane, solutions, capsules, and granules. The granules are easily assimilated and make it easier to quantify the dose that is taken. The laxative is determined within 5-7 hours with a dose between 1 and 4 g of the active ingredient.

It is also possible to take Senna in infusion, along with other plants that perform the same function, such as the buckthorn or fennel. Another use, recently attested by some clinical studies, sees the Senna as a suitable remedy for the elimination of contrast liquids used for radiological examinations. The use of the remedy is recommended in case of occasional constipation, while it is suggested to request medical advice for treatments longer than ten days. It is not suggested for children or pregnant women to use it.

The Senna for a happy intestine

The walls of the intestine are coated with a nervous system that sends an enormous amount of signals to the brain. The digestive system is not a peripheral structure, but can be considered a “second brain”. The signs of discomfort that come from this organ must not be neglected. The best solution to tackle intestinal disorders, such as constipation, is to help the body purify itself with natural remedies, thanks to the laxative effect of the senna leaf extract it is possible to find a smile and a state of optimal well-being.