Which ingredients will lead the future of sugar-reduced recipes?

Sugar reduced recipes-Reducing sugar intake has been consumers’ most significant dietary change in recent years. In their opinion, the best way for food and beverage manufacturers to make their products healthier is to cut them.

So under the sugar reduction trend, which raw materials will lead the future of the following sugar reduction formula? What other areas can tap the potential for sugar reduction?

Which sugar-reduced categories are consumers most concerned about?

Soft drink

Between 2019 and 2021, the average amount of added sugar in the European soft drink beverage industry decreased by 3.6%. This trend is spreading to other product categories, such as non-alcoholic beverages. 86% of consumers said sugar reduction in non-alcoholic drinks is significant.

Alcoholic beverages

In the field of alcoholic beverages, sugar reduction is also on the rise, with 65% of EU consumers saying that sugar reduction is also significant for products in the supermarket wine section. Among consumers’ requirements for sugar reduction, taste comes. First, alcohol content comes second, and calories come third.

Types of reduced sugar foods: ice cream, cookies, etc.

In addition to beverages, sugar reduction in food is also becoming more intense.

From 2017 to 2021, the compound annual growth rate of ice cream and biscuits with sugar content is 13% and 14%, respectively. All categories of products can be seen to launch products with reduced sugar, low sugar, no added or even zero sugar claims, even in ice cream and biscuits, the most indulgent product categories for consumers.

These are apparent types of sugar-reduced products. In addition, products with a secret relationship with sugar may also face the risk of being criticized by consumers if they are not reduced in sugar. Condiments are a clear representation of them.

Who is the next generation of natural sweeteners for sugar-reduced recipes?

Stevia Leaf Extract: second only to honey in consumer preference
In the choice of sweeteners, checking the clean label of a product is one of the main ways consumers understand and decide to buy a product. People want to purchase products with a clean title, and they are more inclined to use natural sweeteners.

Qherb Specification of Stevia leaf extract

Rebaudioside A 40%-99% by HPLC
Rebaudioside C 90% by HPLC
Rebaudioside D 95% by HPLC
Rebaudioside M 80% by HPLC
Total Steviol Glycosides 75%~95% by HPLC


On the whole, the main application of the sweetener market is still concentrated in the direction of beverages. Although the category of sugar-reduced products in the food direction is expanding, it is far from enough.

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