THP or Tetrahydropalmatine is medicine consumed for issues related to muscle pain and loss of control. Parkinson’s disease is a condition that is treated by taking this medicine. Some of the common side effects are related to the particular tablet. Therefore, an individual needs to take care of some aspects to reduce the side effects. The side effects that are shown are completely normal and do not stay forever.

During the course, the individual needs to see their doctor often. This can help them in dealing with any kind of problem which they are suffering during the course. Another important thing is to not delay the time and course of medicine. While consuming Tetrahydropalmatine, it is important to keep your nutrition and water intake proper. Do not exceed the 2mg limit of the tablet without talking to a doctor.

Some Of The Common Side Effects And Ways Of Dealing With It-

  • Dryness In Mouth

This is the most common side effect that a person can see after taking the tablet regularly. Dryness can be treated by maintaining oral hygiene and drinking enough water. If this dryness is not taken care of, then it can result in mouth ulcers. Taking water and liquid in good quantity can also help in relieving another symptom which is constipation. Dry eyes are also a very common side effect. Therefore you should avoid wearing contact lenses.

  • Dizziness And Blurred Vision

People who are on the dosage of THP tablets lose their alertness and also face blurred vision. Therefore, such people must avoid several tasks such as driving. Driving requires high alertness and correct vision for being safe on the road. Therefore, avoid driving while you are on the course of a THP tablet to prevent yourself from any road accident.

  • Headache And Vomiting

People can also suffer headaches and vomiting while they are on the course of THP medicine. This can be treated by taking proper nutrition and a sufficient supply of water. Enhanced water intake can also decrease the chances of toxication of medicine in the body. Practicing some yoga activities can also help in reducing the constant headaches due to the medicine.

  • Avoid Taking Alcohol

As stated above taking THP can increase the risk of dizziness and nervousness. In addition, people who consume alcohol along with the medicine can face excessive drowsiness and laziness. Thus, it is advised to stop taking alcohol while taking medicine for better results and faster recovery.

  • Pregnant Ladies Should Not Intake It

There is not much evidence, but it is not considered safe during pregnancy. Studies that are being done on animals have shown that it can result in a harmful effect on babies. Therefore it is always advised for pregnant ladies to stay away from these medicines. You can also consider contacting a doctor to know about the potential risks involved with it.

  • Kidney Patients Should Consult a Doctor

The problem in urinating is a common side effect of taking 2mg THP medicine. There is no significant study that shows any side effects on the kidney. People who are already on kidney medicine should consider contacting the doctor before starting its dosage. The doctor needs to monitor the kidney patient with close attention.

How Should The Tablet Be Taken?

The dose and duration of the medicine should be only according to your doctor. You should always consult your doctor every 15 days while you are on the medicinal course. It is advised to swallow whole along with water and not take it after chewing or crushing. Doctors advise taking THP tablets empty stomach first thing in the morning.

Working Of The Tablet?

The tablet decreases the activity of chemical messengers in the brain. This thing helps in improving the control of muscles and also decreases the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. In addition, the tablet treats any other problem related to muscle, such as less muscle control, disorders while moving, and restlessness in the body. Any side effects on muscles or movement caused by other medicines can also be treated by taking the course THP.

This is all you should know to do while taking the medicine to minimize its side effects. These things can also help keep the body and muscles fit, which can prevent the risk of Parkinson’s disease.