Bamboo Leaf Extract

Bamboo Leaf Extract
Plant Origin: Bamboo leaf
Part Used: Leaf
Active ingredients: Flavonoids, Organic Silica
1. Bamboo Leaf Flavone: 12%, 24%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 50%
2. Bamboo Leaf Polysaccharide
3. Silicon 50%, 70%

Bamboo leaf has a long history of food and medical application in China and has recently been listed by the Ministry of Health PRC on the list of natural plants with dual purposes as food and drug.
According to the related research work, effective ingredients of bamboo leaf extract include flavone, phenolic acid, lactone, polyose, amino acid, microelements, etc, with enhanced effects on anti-radical and blood vessel disease, protecting the liver, expansion of blood capillary, smoothing microcirculation, improving retentive faculty, improving sleep quality,anti-cancer and skin beautification. In the Second International Natural Antioxidant Meeting supported jointly by seven specialized institutions including UNESCO, International Free Radical Research Association, China Free Radical Biology, and Medicine Association, and others, many experts claimed their findings of positive impacts raised by this exact against the toxicity toward bone marrow caused by anticancer drugs, on microcirculation and blood platelet functions of coronary heart disease sufferers, and the blooding of cardiac muscle.
Ever since the development of bamboo leaf flavonoid products and their putting into mass production, it has raised the attention of state authorities, and international and domestic scientific circles due to its well recognized positive impacts on the health and longevity of human beings. Japanese scientists have discovered that the internal structure of bamboo leaf flavonoid is similar to that of hemoglobin of human beings, and believe that the product can be prepared in injection to improve its effectiveness.
Bamboo leaf extract presents also very good technical features, as it is easy to dissolve in hot water and low-density alcohol with high thermal and water stability, processing flexibility, and high oxidation prevention stability. Even in an unfavorable condition where the local concentration far exceeds the limit, there shall be no oxidation promotion effects, which occurs generally in tea polyphenols. Moreover, the extract carries with it the original faint scent of bamboo and a favorable and refreshing taste with little sweetness and bitterness. It can be used widely in the production of drugs, food,anti-aging products, cosmetics, and feeding stuff.

1. Bamboo extract can strengthen the immune system, and anti-fatigue.
2. Bamboo extract can increase the meat’s safety, improve its color and keep the water.
3. Bamboo extract is used in the beverage as the favor, anti-oxidant, sweetener, and color.
4. Bamboo extract has the effect of anti-bacteria. anti-virus, deodorization, and increasing its aroma.
5. Bamboo extract can protect the blood vessel of the brain and heart, adjust blood lipid, low the blood viscidity

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