Bamboo Leaf Extract

Bamboo Leaf Extract is a natural substance derived from the leaves of bamboo plants, typically from species like Phyllostachys nigra or Bambusa vulgaris. This extract is known for its high concentration of silica, which is a key mineral for promoting healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Bamboo Leaf Extract
Plant Origin: Bamboo leaf
Part Used: Leaf
Active ingredients: Flavonoids, Organic Silica
1. Bamboo Leaf Flavone: 12%, 24%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 50%
2. Bamboo Leaf Polysaccharide
3. Silicon 50%, 70%

Bamboo Leaf Extract: Food and Medical Benefits
Bamboo leaf has a long history of use in China for both food and medical purposes. Recently, it was listed by the Ministry of Health PRC as a natural plant with dual purposes as food and drug. Research shows that bamboo leaf extract contains ingredients like flavones, phenolic acids, lactones, polysaccharides, amino acids, and microelements. These components offer various health benefits, such as:

  • Anti-radical effects
  • Protection against blood vessel diseases
  • Liver protection
  • Blood capillary expansion
  • Improved microcirculation
  • Enhanced memory
  • Better sleep quality
  • Anti-cancer properties
  • Skin beautification

Scientific Recognition:
At the Second International Natural Antioxidant Meeting, supported by institutions like UNESCO and the International Free Radical Research Association, experts highlighted the positive impacts of bamboo leaf extract. They noted its benefits in reducing bone marrow toxicity from anticancer drugs, improving microcirculation and blood platelet function in coronary heart disease, and supporting cardiac muscle health.

Development and Attention:
Bamboo leaf flavonoid products have gained attention from state authorities and scientific communities both domestically and internationally due to their recognized health benefits. Japanese scientists found that the structure of bamboo leaf flavonoid is similar to human hemoglobin, suggesting that it could be used in injections for better effectiveness.

Technical Features:
Bamboo leaf extract has several technical advantages:

  • Easily dissolves in hot water and low-density alcohol
  • High thermal and water stability
  • Flexible in processing
  • High oxidation prevention stability
  • Retains a faint bamboo scent and a refreshing taste
  • Minimal sweetness and bitterness
  • It can be used in various products, including drugs, food, anti-aging products, cosmetics, and animal feed.

Immune System and Anti-Fatigue:
Strengthens the immune system and reduces fatigue.
Meat Safety and Quality:
Improves meat safety, enhances color, and retains moisture.
Acts as a flavor enhancer, antioxidant, sweetener, and colorant.
Antibacterial and Antiviral Effects:
Provides antibacterial, antiviral, and deodorizing properties, and enhances aroma.
Cardiovascular Protection:
Protects blood vessels in the brain and heart, adjusts blood lipids, and reduces blood viscosity.

Halal Certificate Bamboo Leaf Extract

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