Cordyceps series products

Cordyceps Mycelia Powder

Fermentation Cordyceps Cs-4 powder

Cordyceps Fungus Polysaccharides Cordyceps Sinensis Extract

Cordyceps Militaris Extract/Powder

Active IngredientPolysaccharides, Cordyceptic Acid, Cordycepin


Polysaccharides 20%,30%, 40%,50% UV

Cordyceptic Acid 3%,7% HPLC

Cordycepin 3%,4% by HPLC

Adenosine 0.28% Cordycepic acid (Mannitols) 8%


Cordyceps Fungus is extremely sought after due to its versatility in traditional medicinal treatments for conditions as simple as the cough to something as serious as arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat). It is considered an adaptogen In Traditional Chinese Medicine and is highly regarded, ranking among the best holistic treatments like Ginseng. The fungus is particularly rare due to its unusual parasitic quality in insects. The fungus invades and eventually replaces the tissues of many insect species, leaving an elongated mass of cordyceps fungus not much bigger than the insect that hosted it.


Promotes vitality, and longevity.
Strengthens and supports the Immune System.
Promotes healthy lung function and healthy kidney function.
Protects the body against the damaging effects of radiation and tumor formation.

Halal Certificate Qherb Test machine

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