Lemon balm extract

Natural Lemon balm Extract

Natural Lemon balm Extract Chinese Plant Extract Manufacturer

Latin Name: Melissa officinalis

Specification: 1%-10% Rosemarinic Acid, 5:1 10:1

Test Method: HPLC

Part of used: Leaf

Appearance: Brown powder


Lemon balm is native to Europe but is now grown all over the world. It is grown not only in herb gardens, but also in crops for medicine, cosmetics, and furniture polish manufacturing.

Natural Lemon balm Extract is made from the leaves of the plant. Essential oils made from lemon balm leaves contain plant chemicals called terpenes, which play at least some role in the herb’s relaxing and antiviral effects. Lemon balm essential oil is very popular in aromatherapy. Lemon balm also contains Rosmarinic acid, which is the major compound responsible for GABA transaminase inhibition activity in lemon balm.

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