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Eucommia bark extract is an energetic component that is used for antihypertensive formulations. Eucommia ulmoides is an ancient Chinese medicine that uses the plant’s bark for medicinal purposes. The primary use of this medicine is to feel energy because this bark can help a person feel energetic and relieve fatigue. Although this medicine has anti-inflammatory […]

Eucommia is a kind of herb that is used as alternative medicine that helps in increasing vitality and thus promotes longevity. The Eucommia leaves extract is derived from the Chinese rubber tree and is successfully used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to support the endocrine system, improve kidney health, and thus also help to […]

The chicory plant is known to provide numerous benefits that have been useful for centuries. While the leaves of the plant are used as a salad during the celebrations, the roots act as a liver and blood cleanser. In modern times, the ground roasted tap roots are still there and used as a substitute for […]

Chlorogenic acid was found in 1930 and is known to reduce the sugar level in your blood. Generally,  It is very much easy to find. It locates in the coffee beans. Apart from reducing the sugar level in your blood, Chlorogenic acids are very much efficient against obesity as well. Therefore, if unnecessary fat gets […]