Naringin Extract is considered a water-soluble flavonoid present in citrus. Albert Szent-Gyorgi first discovered it. These are colored pigments in fruits and plants. They are also known as a type of flavonoid, mostly in the glycoside form. Naringin extract is an orange-colored, acidic substance that can be found in grapefruit. It has been known to have the following benefits:

1. Inhibits Cancer Cell Growth –

Naringin is regarded as a natural chemotherapeutic agent that can inhibit the proliferation of various types of cancers. It can inhibit cancer cells from turning malignant and begins to act against them by preventing growth and cell division. While helping prevent cancer, it also serves as an antioxidant that helps fight free radicals responsible for causing cancerous changes in cells.

The naringin extract can act as an antioxidant. This means it can protect against cell damage from free radicals that are known to cause cancerous diseases. So those who want to avoid this kind of disease must consider taking a supplement of naringin extract.

2. Relieve Respiratory Infections or Colds –

It has the power to help relieve the symptoms of the common cold or respiratory infection. It contains bioflavonoids with vitamin A and can also support the immune system. Since it is known to help with immunity, it can help remove the virus and bacteria causing respiratory infections.

3. Helps Control Blood Sugar –

It is also known as the blood sugar regulator or blood glucose modulator. Another benefit of naringin extract is its ability to effectively modulate and control blood glucose levels which benefits those with diabetes.

It also helps stabilize blood sugar levels in cases of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. In addition, it helps by controlling the secretion of insulin and glucagon by the pancreas. Thus making use of this extract can provide benefits to people suffering from diabetes mellitus type 2.

4. Helps in Managing Metabolic Syndrome –

Metabolic syndrome is a medical condition that combines obesity with other medical conditions, such as high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and abnormal cholesterol. The naringin extract can help in managing metabolic syndrome since it contains flavonoids.

5. Helps to Slow Down the Aging Process –

Aside from helping manage diseases, naringin also can slow down a person’s aging process by reducing wrinkles and other signs in the skin, like dryness and discoloration. It will aid in treating age-related macular degeneration because it contains luteolin that can help protect against UVB rays.

6. Acts as a Good Antioxidant –

An antioxidant is a type of nutrient that helps protect the user’s body from free radicals that are known to cause cell damage. It is due to its ability to fight oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is reactive oxygen species damage, a process wherein molecules in the body are. Oxidative stress can also lead to health complications like cancer and heart disease. People who want these conditions out of their lives must consider taking naringin extract as a supplement.

7. Prevents Stomach Damage –

It can also help protect the stomach from ulcers, gastritis, and other chronic conditions. It acts as a good antioxidant, and this is because it contains flavonoids that can help fight free radicals in the body. Free radicals have been known to cause cell damage, and in turn, they can lead to stomach illnesses like gastritis and ulcers.

8. Improves Bowel Movement –

It also can help improve bowel movement by promoting water absorption in the small intestines. This helps speed up bowel movement while keeping bowels clean by flushing out unwanted matter that is present inside the intestines or colon.

9. Improves Bone Strength –

Its anti-inflammatory effects can also help the body in the production of collagen, which is a protein that helps strengthen bones and cartilage. This is especially helpful for those who are at risk of osteoporosis.

10. Increases Blood Circulation –

Naringin extract can also increase blood flow as it contains flavonoid that exhibits vasodilatation properties. Vasodilatation means to widen the blood vessels by causing more blood to flow through them when higher amounts of adrenaline or epinephrine are circulating in the body.


Naringin Extract