Explore the beautiful you with Hyaluronic Acid The world of beauty products keeps expanding by the day; to the extent that the endless number of skincare commodities with their mixed ingredients confuses the general customer. While we most often pile up unessential but trendy items just to conform to the set standards of ‘beautiful’, little […]

Benefits you can have from Icariin

You can benefit from Icariin. Most men have become increasingly aware of the potential benefits of high-strength icariin in their marital life. Many people admit without hesitation that they increase sexual health by taking icariin. But what exactly is it? Why did it cause a commotion? The Past and Present Epidemium (popular as Horny Goat Weed) […]

Quality Herb Puerarin or Kudzu Root Extract Finding Acceptance in Biopharmaceuticals Quality Herb, an internationally recognized Chinese research and development institute that produces Chinese alternative medicines, has recently started selling their Puerarin-based medicine online. China, 27th July Quality Herb, a leading China-based research and development institute that has found inroads into the alternative medicine research […]

Quality Herb Releases Two New Plant Extracts Red yeast rice powder and horny goat weed extract are now available Xuancheng, Anhui, May 22, 2016– Quality Herb is happy to announce the introduction of two new plant extracts in the form of red yeast rice powder and horny goat weed extract. These two new extracts are joining a large family of her-based […]

Rhodiola Rosea Extract from Quality Herb Helping Consumers to Fight Mental and Physical Stress While stress happens to be an everyday evil for people who lead a busy lifestyle, a China based biopharmaceutical research firm provides at least one way to fight mental and physical stress. China, 27th July Rhodiola Rosea may not be a […]

Quality Herb Packaged Chinese Bilberry Extracts with Antioxidant Activities Now Available Online Quality Herb, a reputable China-based institution for research and development of traditional medicines, recently launched Bilberry extracts with antioxidant activities. China, 27 July Quality Herb, a reputable manufacturer of Chinese traditional medicine, recently launched Bilberry extract-based medicine that has great anti-oxidant activities. The […]

Grape seed extract procyanidins are very popular in the United States. After the people eat the grapes, they Feel bitter and astringent. And think the grape seed is discarded as worthless. Still, grape seeds can extract new, highly efficient natural antioxidants that can not be synthesized within the human body, the composition containing procyanidins and […]

According to the understanding of quality herb, In April the journal “molecular vision” published a report on the research achievements about “the persimmon leaf extract can improve dry eye syndrome”. In this study, the ethanol persimmon leaf extract was used for the mouse with dry eye syndrome. The mouse dry eye syndrome was induced by […]

Quality Herb’s Icariin Based Chinese Traditional Medicine Brings Back Sexual Desire in Middle-Aged Men China, 26th April Quality Herb, a 2013-born research institute engaged in the identification and development of natural herb-based medication, recently launched an Icariin-based Chinese traditional medicine for people who have a low sex drive. Also dubbed Horny Goat Weed Extract, the […]

As revealed by our media, the planting area of ginger nationwide in 2014 totals around 5 million mu, with an annual yield of 18m ton, Shandong accounting for nearly a third of all. To date, ginger has become the pillar industry for agricultural development in many areas, mainly distributed in Shandong, Anhui, and Yunnan. It […]