Being commonly used as an essential herb in China, Pueraria is said to be the root of Pueraria Lobata.  Apart from its inevitable usage as an important ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine, it is the cradle of a food element extensively consumed in Japan. Powered with a major medicinally active component group called isoflavones, it stands to be the main ingredient. Although numerous isoflavones have been quarantined and categorized, five of them hold prime significance -puerarin, daidzein, methylpuerarin, daidzin, and daidzein glucopyranoside. Certainly stating, daidzein and daidzin are identified in soya beans, which also have other two isoflavones like genistein and genistin.

It was in the era of 1970s that Pueraria isoflavones were thoroughly researched within the Chinese borders. Later, it developed into a medicinal product utilized for the purpose of dealing with circulatory disorders.  The tablet or injection of specified doses of Pueraria isoflavones inserted in the form of an IV drip is meant to treat headaches, dizziness, neck pain, sudden deafness, myocarditis, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, angina, hearing loss, heart attack, and symptoms of hypertension.

In comparison to other respective unadulterated phytoestrogen products, this herbal medicine has an extensive range of natural phytoestrogens. Along with this, it is an ideal enhancement of the Phyto type to corporeal estrogens of females. Its beneficial effects do not end here; rather extend to fighting the signs of aging and have helped a lot in this area.

Beneficial Effect of Pueraria Isoflavones:

  1. By using Pueraria Isoflavones as a medicine, skin texture would improve and have a glow. Making it softer, women experiencing discomfort in mensuration will be much relieved. In fact, it will instill a feeling of youth.
  2. With the consumption of this herbal medicine, senescence will be counterattacked, and maturing of the ovary will be delayed. And of course, the climacteric will be deferred.
  3. The beneficial effect of Pueraria Isoflavones is such that one may experience better sex life with the vagina becoming moistened and emissions of the sexual gland will be increased.
  4. Its beneficial factors bring to light that osteoporosis will be barred with better absorption of calcium by the female’s body.
  5. By consuming Pueraria Isoflavones in the right amount, breast cancer can be vetoed by combining it with receptors of estrogens.
  6. With the effective usage of this herbal medicine, cardiovascular disease can be averted because it regulates the amount of blood fat and the existence of senile dementia envisioned through the dropping of cholesterol levels.

Doses of Pueraria Isoflavones:

Every ailment, for which Pueraria Isoflavones are used, has diverse dosage formats. It is recommended that the patients should consult the doctor for the exact amount of doses to be consumed. They are ideally provided in tablet forms with an average dose of 30–40 mg each time extending to three times a day for patients suffering from coronary heart disease and angina pectoris. Considering it in the treatment of hypertension, 50 mg of Pueraria flavones are suggested by the doctor for consumption twice per day till the treatment gets over.  Though, the level of isoflavones is more normally checked out at about 1%; so a dosage of 10–50 grams would be better suitable at an initial level of treatment. As known, the higher amount of dosages are injected intravenously for treating severe and acute medical conditions, the recommended decoction range for the maximum number of applications would turn out to be 10–30 grams of dried root for a single day consumption.

Clinical Analysis of Pueraria Isoflavones:

At present, analysis of clinical and investigational data has explicated that puerarin isoflavones are a type of phytoestrogen alike in molecular arrangement to the estrogens veiled by the human body. This makes it most attuned to the estrogen receptors of tissues of several systems of the body providing excellent effects.

Puerarin isoflavone has the noteworthy benefits of noting importance in uniting with the receptors of the physical estrogens and being tender in amending the action. Its effectual benefits talk about resistance to carcinoma, deterrence of arteriosclerosis, and improvement of osteoporosis.

Pueraria Isoflavones