Allicin is known to be a sulfur compound that is extracted from raw garlic. Garlic has been employed for several health benefits. Garlic Extract is a yellowish, oily liquid that is responsible for the strong odor of garlic. Since the smell might be irritating for some people some people love the customs of scent when used with a favorite dish. Fresh garlic bulbs are peeled, trimmed, washed, and hydrated to a medium flame to get alliin. It has no taste, smell, or herbal value. It is then treated with enzyme allinase while the garlic is crushed or cut thus creating a pungent and powerful sulfur compound called allicin. This product offers the utmost health benefit for the user when taken orally. No preservatives or additives will be added to this garlic powdered supplement.

Useful Information about Allicin

  • Components Found In Fresh Garlic

Garlic Extract is known to be the chemical compound obtained from the amino acid cysteine. It does not produce an odor yet it contains sulfur. Whenever the garlic is crushed or cut into pieces, Garlic Extract comes into contact with the chemical enzyme alliinase and it is then converted into allicin. It is the major reason for the spicy odor of raw garlic & appears responsible for curing plenty of health problems.

  • Dosage and Use

Garlic supplements having a high level of Allicin content are highly known for their capability to fight against fungal, bacterial & viral infections. The appropriate dosage of this supplement is considered to be two freeze-dried tablets of 200-mg which should be taken 3 times/day. Some supplements are ensured to contain about 10 to 12 mg of Alliin as well.

  • Considerations Before Taking Allicin

Though Garlic Extract comes with enormous health advantages, the human body cannot absorb it suddenly. Due to this reason, supplement manufacturers tend to ferment the aged garlic into pieces to get allicin so that the body can easily absorb it. These aged garlic components offer plenty of health benefits by decreasing the cholesterol level and safeguarding yourself from cancer and heart disease.

Health Benefits Of Taking Allicin

  • Enhances Bone Health:

Though Garlic Extract is not associated with your bone health, the component present in the garlic can tend to enhance bone density, particularly for menopausal women. When you enter the menopause stage, your hormone levels will get lowered so it is essential to take allicin to withstand your bone density forever.

  • Serves As Immunity Booster:

Being a natural antibiotic, the allicin tends to stimulate WBC production and thus enables the immune system to eradicate harmful bacteria and other pathogens present in the body. With a quicker anti-inflammatory response, the infection will be stopped easily.

  • Reduce Blood Pressure:

High BP is a widespread problem among today’s people which in turn leads to increased chances of a heart attack. Allicin tends to lower your BP because garlic supplements are famous among those suffering from cardiovascular issues. It is estimated that garlic in the form of a tablet can help you reduce your BP. It is mainly because of the reason tablet contains allicin than fresh garlic.

  • Bladder Performance:

Infections around the urinary tract are usually painful & hence accompanied by burning feelings during cramps, urination, and sometimes fever in unforeseen situations. Garlic Extract supplement is highly useful in destroying the e-coli which is the most widespread bacteria causing bladder infections.

  • Boosts Athletic Performance:

The supplement Allicin has been connected with your Athletic performance for several years as garlic was provided to the workers a few years ago to improve their endurance level. It is proved that the Allicin compound can tend to reduce your heart rate thus improving the blood flow throughout the body so that all the nutrients will equally spread through the muscles and improve the overall performance.

  • Best Option For Skin Infections:

It is a well-known fact that Garlic Extract serves as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent. If you are facing problems due to fungal skin infections like athlete’s foot or ringworm then you can consider allicin to lessen the unpleasant symptoms. When taken internally or applied topically, allicin can work well by eliminating the candida yeast which is quite responsible for protecting your skin from bacterial infection.

With these many advantages, getting allicin will prove to be quite beneficial for your health.