Astaxanthin is a kind of fat-soluble carotenoid (also a kind of red pigment). Natural astaxanthin is a kind of super antioxidant. Its antioxidant capacity is 550 times as much as that of ordinary vitamin E (the animal test by Wang Zhencheng of Zhejiang University has reached 1000 times), and that is 10 times as much as that of natural β – carotene (β – carotene of Amway Company sold more than 1 billion yuan in China in 2003) It is reported that antioxidants have developed into a market demand of nearly 3 billion US dollars.

Natural astaxanthin is safe for the human body. The so-called anti-oxidation is anti-aging. There are many oral health foods and cosmetics containing astaxanthin.

At present, natural astaxanthin is mainly used as the raw material of high-grade health food and medicine, feed additive for aquaculture and poultry breeding, and cosmetic additive.

Astaxanthin powder