Often we’ve heard of traditional Chinese herbs that yield powerful medicines. From promoting sexual health to improving longevity, these meds have indeed proved their might in the age of modernized medications. One such plant extract is Rhodiola Rosea which is known for its neuro-protective nature, as per preliminary evidence.

Among the many components of the plant, one particular chemical compound is Rosavin. It’s a cinnamyl alcohol glycoside that can be found in the plant besides salidroside, another powerful Rhodiola component. Among the two, rosavin is more of a phytochemical that stands as a primary and active one, known for lifting one’s mood and anxiolytic effects. Most people employed in labs and rosavin factories who have worked on this compound have also vouched for the same.

Beware of Sellers!

Rhodiola supplements are widely available in markets. But when purchasing your supplements, keep in mind the percentage of rosavins to check how potent the extract is. Also, that can help you gauge the recommended dosage and not increase the intake. In any herbal extract, identifying the percentage of active ingredients is of paramount importance. Even when a slight difference is found in the concentration of active ingredients, it might not be recommended to one patient, while the reverse might hold true for someone else suffering from a different ailment.

We need to rely more on extensive research that would determine exactly how many active chemicals are present in Rhodiola Rosea and the effects of each. But this much is known that rosavins are vital constituents in the plant, which has been stressed equally by people working in rosavin factories.

Rosavins in Rhodiola Rosea

Modern medicine is encountering typical problems with segregating chemical components in Rhodiola Rose and the overall benefits that the plant offers. If seen properly, not all species of the plant look alike. Simply looking at it with naked eyes would show you minute differences, so it’s obvious there would be variations in the chemical constitutions.

A certain research study that got published in 2010 showed extracts from 3 different varieties and how they contained over 120 compounds, all of which were extracted from plant oils. While some had few isolated compounds that seemed common, the ratios in the combination varied largely.

A very interesting thing that came to the surface as a result of such a study was finding where the rose-like aroma came from that actually made the name of the plant. Oil extract from the root contained a substance called ‘geraniol’. Now when it was found with phenthy alcohol, which was present in Rhodiola Rosea, the perfume was exactly that of a rose.

Given that the work done was purely phytochemical, it points to the fact that a study or examination was conducted to find the chemical composition of herbs and plants. This encompassed a deeper analysis of the chemical properties or reactions of all the compounds that were initially separated.

So both ‘rosavins’ and ‘salidroside’ compounds were present in the plant. In Rhodiola Rosea, rosavin, rosin and rosarin were found.

Functions of Rosavin           

Whether singularly or collectively, rosavins are known to reduce nervousness and anxiety. Most rosavin factory workers and lab experts are still conducting research to see ‘if’ certain advantages can only be found or if there are more. Also, under ‘what’ conditions do positive results come out is also worked on. Western medicine has gone deep into the studies and trying to prove ‘how’ the benefits are reaped further.

In addition to resolving anxiety-related issues, rosavins also promote longevity. Did you know that Siberians who had tea made of this herb sustained for close to 100 years or even more? Even recently in 2013, there have been findings confirming the ‘life-extending value of the tea in fruit flies’.

But let’s not forget that rosavins cannot work by themselves. As most rosavin factory workers stress how they are combined with compounds to bring maximum impact on Rhodiola Rosea supplements. Or better still, we say that ‘salidroside’ is important to produce maximum results in the plant extracts.

However, don’t believe if someone says that salidroside is the most powerful out of all compounds present within the herb. It is only the combination of all constituents that produces ‘significant results’.