Citrus Aurantium, which is a very important part of Chinese herbs, is mainly popular due to its capability in reducing high weights. At the same time, it is known for due to is effectiveness as an energy supplement. Though it is a part of Chinese herb, it is generally found in most parts of Asia, the Mediterranean, and some parts of Europe. Simultaneously, it is exported to different parts of the world. Therefore, the availability of Citrus Aurantium or the bitter orange should not be a major reason for concern. Nowadays, different companies approach as Aurantium extract manufacturers which should make the bitter orange available to more people. So far, it is known that the bitter orange can be very efficient when it comes to treating the high weight but apart from that, it has many benefits which attract many manufacturers all across the world. The other benefits of the bitter orange are discussed below.

Underweight conditions

Though, it was discussed earlier that Bitter orange is used to treat the high weight conditions. But interestingly, it can help people who are having very low weight too. The bitter orange can help in digestion and at the same time, it can increase the appetite as well. And it will definitely help when it comes to treating patients suffering from underweight problems. The bitter oranges can also work as a rich source of vitamins as well, which is essential in constructing the body. Therefore, if you are suffering from severe underweight problems and still not able to figure out a perfect solution, then you can definitely choose the bitter orange. There are many Aurantium extract manufacturers available. Therefore, you can easily find one.


Allergies often can happen due to the deficiency of white blood cells in our body. White blood cells help to improve the immunity of the body. So, when the White Blood Cell is reduced, it can lead to various complications and one of such complications is an allergy. Bitter oranges are generally full of vitamins and they can play a very efficient role to get the white blood cells back on track. That is how it can fight allergies. So, if you are having problems related allergy, then you can definitely opt for having a bitter orange.


Cancer is one of the most concerning diseases in the 21st century. Though we have a very advanced medical science right now, nothing can treat cancer properly when it has passed a certain stage. Well, in that case, nature has an answer. Though, cancer can’t be completely treated with the bitter orange. But certainly, the progression of cancer can be handled if a patient takes the bitter oranges at regular intervals. Before you start consuming bitter oranges in order to stop the progression of cancer, it is always advised to take proper advice from your doctor.

Stomach problems

Stomach upset is a very common disease and it can happen to people of all ages. If the stomach condition gets serious then it can lead to dehydration and from dehydration major problems can happen. Though, if you are suffering from stomach upsets, then there is no big reason for worry. Just take a couple of bitter oranges regularly and it will sort out your problem very soon. But if you are suffering from, diabetes or high blood pressure then it is better to consult your doctor before you take the bitter oranges. There are plenty of Citrus aurantium extract manufacturers which can offer you some quality citrus extract.

Cough and Cold

Cough and cold are other common diseases and people of all ages can suffer from them.  The bitter oranges can improve the immunity power and hence the cough and cold can be treated. If you take a couple of bitter oranges daily, then the cough and cold can be sorted out within 24 hours. Therefore, it can be figured out how beneficial and effective a bitter orange can be.


A headache also can be treated with bitter oranges. Generally, bitter oranges are well known as stress handlers but recent research has proved that they can be also used to treat a headache. People who have taken the bitter orange in order to treat headaches have tasted improvement.

Citrus Aurantium Extract

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