What is Chlorella Powder?

Chlorella Powder is an alga that grows in fresh water and can be used as a nutritional supplement and medicine. Chlorella is a high-quality green dietary source of food. Its main nutritional components are even better than some main foods. It has the advantages of high protein, low fat, low sugar, low calorie, and rich content of vitamins and mineral elements and has some special medical and health care functions. Therefore, Chlorella is a source of high-quality health food, such as food additives and health food.

Chlorella benefits

  1. Lowering blood pressure and blood lipid
  2. Develop immunity from disease
  3. Antioxidant
  4. Antitumor
  5. Detoxification

Chlorella supplement:

A: Chlorella and wall-breaking Chlorella

B: Chlorella tablets and capsules

Chlorella Powder