Green tea extract polyphenols In Weight loss Products

Many say they want to lose weight, which has almost become a national topic. Most weight loss products contain plant or drug ingredients, and some contain green tea catechins. Today, we will discuss the long-term consumption of green tea extract.

Catechins are an active substance in the extract. It can reduce our blood and body fat, and if we take green tea extract to lose weight when we lose weight, it is not easy to rebound. Green tea extract is often used as a food additive and is widely used in various foods we eat daily. If I take green tea extract for a long time, it may be good for my health and clean up the waste in my body, but it will also have some harmful effects.

What is catechin?

Catechin is the essential tea polyphenol, and tea polyphenols account for about 75%-80% of all kinds of tea, giving the tea a bitter taste. Due to the difference in the production process, the content of catechins in various teas differs, and the content of catechins in unfermented green tea is the highest.

Catechins mainly contain four categories: EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) has the highest content in tea, and many studies with the intake of EGCG instead of catechins.

The report of green tea catechins from EFSA

EFSA has assessed the safety of green tea catechins from dietary sources, following concerns regarding their possible harmful effects on the liver. EFSA concluded that catechins from green tea infusions and similar drinks are generally safe. However, catechin doses at or above 800 mg/day may pose health concerns when taken as food supplements.

For green tea infusions, EFSA’s experts concluded that there is no indication of liver damage even after high consumption and that the few cases reported in humans are likely due to rare and unpredictable reactions. Experts, therefore, considered catechins from green tea infusions brewed with hot water and instant and ready-to-drink green tea beverages with similar catechin content as generally safe.


In a word, drinking green tea is fine. We should be alert to supplements containing concentrated green tea extracts and weight loss products.

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