Peanuts have a calming effect with increased nervous excitability, helps with insomnia, restores the loss of strength, and increases the sexual potency of men and women. Peanut butter is often used to treat purulent and difficult-to-heal wounds.

Peanuts contain a whole range of vitamins – A, group B, D, E, PP. It is rich in unique amino acids and vegetable fats. For example, polyunsaturated and folic acids, biotin, and other organic substances. Peanuts do not contain cholesterol.

It contains more than 35% of proteins and about 50% of fats, there is no cholesterol at all. Peanut proteins are characterized by an optimal ratio of amino acids, and therefore they are well absorbed by the human body.

As a result of their studies, American scientists have found that peanuts contain a lot of antioxidants – substances that protect the cells of the body from the influence of harmful free radicals. The maximum antioxidant properties in peanuts are possessed by polyphenols – compounds very similar in chemical composition to the antioxidant components of red wine.

It is these components that serve to prevent heart disease, ischemia, blood vessels, atherosclerosis, early aging, as well as from the formation of malignant tumors. By the way, fried peanuts contain 25% more polyphenols than raw peanuts. When comparing the antioxidant effect of peanuts with other products, it turned out that it is on a par with blackberries and strawberries, and is second only to pomegranate, which contains the most antioxidant substances.

Peanut skin extract strengthens the immune system, fights against weakness and stress (depressed mood), infections and viruses. Vitamin B3 (niacin) is responsible for the normal functioning of the brain, improves memory, helps to concentrate, and stays alert.

– Peanuts are beneficial because they contain choline, which the body needs to build all cells. There is also vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant. It affects the cardiovascular system. It is a vitamin of beauty.

Peanut skin extract is very useful in the heat, as they protect cells from hypoxia. There is also vitamin PP, which improves metabolic processes in the body. Peanuts are rich in B vitamins, selenium (good for the heart), phosphorus (improves intellectual activity), potassium, silicon.

Peanuts are extremely rich in antioxidants – substances that protect the cells of the body from the effects of dangerous free radicals. The polyphenols contained in it are close in structure to the components of red wine – effective means for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis, premature aging, and malignant tumors.

Scientists have also found that after roasting peanuts, their polyphenol content increases by 20-25 percent, which puts it, along with strawberries and blackberries, in second place after pomegranate, which is the “antioxidant leader.”

Peanut skin extract contains phytochemicals, namely resveratrol. That is, it reduces the risk of chronic heart disease, cancerous tumors, and clogged arteries, can weaken the inflammatory process in chronic lung diseases, and increases the rate of fat burning inside existing fat cells.

Useful properties of peanut skin extract:

  • Improves memory and attention;
  • Improves auditory sensitivity;
  • Useful for severe exhaustion;
  • Has a beneficial effect on sexual potency;
  • Helps prevent some forms of cancer;
  • Helps with diathesis;
  • Prevents multiple sclerosis;
  • Helps with insomnia;
  • Has a calming effect with increased nervous excitability, tonic – with a breakdown;
  • Lowers blood cholesterol levels;
  • Used to reduce body weight;
  • Prevents the development of diabetes mellitus;
  • Necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous tissue, heart, liver, and other organs and systems.

For a prolonged dry cough, toasted peanuts are recommended to be consumed with rice porridge several times a day.

Many nutritionists extol the beneficial properties of peanuts, and the peanut diet has fans in the show and modeling business. Many top models are sure that it is peanuts that help them maintain the desired shape.

Recently, there has been a significant increase in the consumption of this product, and more and more doctors are recommending it to their patients as an integral component of a healthy diet “for the heart”.

Overall, new research shows that not only does good nutrition play a very important role in a healthy lifestyle, it also helps prevent many chronic diseases. At the same time, peanut remains a very affordable part of a balanced diet.