Peanut skin extract

Peanut skin extract
Latin name: Arachis hypogaea

Other names: Peanut coat extract

Use part: Skin, Peel

95% Proanthocyanidin
80% Polyphenol

Test method: UV

Appearance: brown red fine powder

The Product is extracted from the seed coat of specific peanut varieties, and its main component is procyanidins of polyphenols. For food supplements, health food, and cosmetics.

1. Peanut skin extract can improve eyesight, improve blood circulation, and eliminate edema;
2. Peanut skin extract has the function of antiaging, UV resistance, radioresistance, and skin whitening;
3. Peanut skin extract proanthocyanidins is a natural colorant and antioxidant, has strong food reinforcement, and fresh;
4. Peanut skin extract proanthocyanidins have a curative effect to lower cholesterol, protect the heart, improve memory, and ease premenstrual syndrome.


1. Pharmaceutical;

2. Health care products and food.

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