Features enabling the use of the red yeast rice powder and the way how it can be used effectively

The red rice yeast powder has been yielded from Monascus purpureus and can be used as a food product for humans. In those ancient days, red rice yeast was used by the Chinese as a popular and healthy food product, and by now it reached every part of the world. It is called the dietary staple food in China serving people to keep their diet and cholesterol levels under control.

These red rice yeast can be used as medicine to keep the functionality of the body under control. Red yeast rice is a traditional food used in Chinese culinary and the dietary used to lower blood pressure and makes use of the effective functioning of blood vessels and can be used to treat many other diseases.

Red rice yeast significance

The red rice yeast powder contains monacolin k which helps the cells to lower the level of cholesterol and blood functioning regularly and this is one of the dietary foods. This red rice yeast powder is accepted as a medicinal product by the US Drug Association and when compared to other products of red yeast types, the red rice yeast powder contains a large amount of monacolin K nutrition and as monacolin is found in large amounts in red rice yeast, it is suggested to consume in larger amount without the opinion of a doctor and can be used as the food in a lower quantity of consumption.

There is also containment of citrinin found in some red rice yeast causing kidney failure and it should be properly known before consuming this food. In both the years 2008 and 2009, the sales of red yeast rice dietary supplements were approximately $20 million per year.

If Red Yeast Rice yeast is to be considered a food item to be consumed regularly, then some factors need to be followed to prevent any kind of side effects and live healthier lives.

  • The red rice consumption should be at a normal level and if any causes when consuming it, a doctor consultation should be made immediately.
  • During the times of pregnancy and when trying to become pregnant, this food should be prevented as it causes major problems during those times and while nursing a child too, the food should be avoided.
  • Before giving the food to children, the doctor should be consulted once to make effective use of it.
  • While consuming statin drugs, red rice yeast rice should be avoided as the statin drugs already contain the ingredients of red rice yeast.
  • The websites defining the use of red rice values may not be true sometimes and the NCCH fact sheet is to be checked once after referring to the medicinal values of red rice yeast.
  • Federal regulations for dietary supplements are very different from other dietary associations and for any kind of further clarifications, the proper site should be referred to and confirmed twice about this product.
  • The red rice yeast doesn’t have any damage to the parts of the body like love, and kidneys as per the observations taken when consumed in limited content. Though red rice yeast is good for health, the minor issue of heartburn and indigestion occurs at some point and can be cured immediately.
  • This red rice powder can be consumed as a supplementary product and as a fermented food. As this is stable food used in ancient countries for longer times, we can confirm that there is a major cause in having the product by our side. The drugs prepared from this product include station and lovastatin to be consumed as a medicine when suggested by doctors.

Health benefits of red yeast rice powder

The health benefits of red yeast rice powder involve the lowering of blood levels in cholesterol mainly and the other values include improvement of heart function by lowering the level of triglycerides and raising HDL levels this rice also rights cancer and acts as the best treatment for obesity improving metabolic syndrome and bone growth in the human body.