What are the side effects of Tea Polyphenols?

 Tea Polyphenols are one of the main components of green tea. This element is a high antioxidant and provides you with all the essential benefits. But if taken overdose it can bring some serious health hazards.

The phenolic substance in tea denotes the phenols and polyphenols, natural herbal complexes that are found in tea. These biochemical compounds affect the essence and taste of the tea and are speculated to deliver latent health assistance. Polyphenols in tea include theaflavins, catechins, flavonoids, and tannins.

Together these components deliver the best-in-class effect on the well-being of the consumer but the overdosages can create some serious malfunctioning of normal bodily function.

Tea Polyphenols are for the most part safe for grown-ups when expanded with some restraint. The concentration of these components is safe for the vast majority when taken orally. Be that as it may, drinking an excessive amount of this (more than five mugs a day) is thought to be dangerous.

A few people have naturally little resistance to Polyphenols, and they will endure these side effects. Some may experience issues that could be further irritated by higher dosages of these substances. Such individuals ought to breakpoint this component intake to at most two mugs for each day.

Symptoms of overdose of Tea Polyphenols

An overdose of Polyphenols can prompt or irritate certain health issues. Following are some of these matters.

Stomach Problems

The tannins introduced in Polyphenols increment stomach corrosiveness and may bring about stomach-related issues like indigestion and acidity and. Therefore, Polyphenols are not devoured on an empty stomach in Japan and China.

It is best to drink Polyphenols after supper or in the middle of dinner. Individuals with peptic ulcers or indigestion ought not to devour Polyphenols too much. A recent report inferred that tea is an intense stimulant of gastric corrosive, which can be lessened by including milk and sugar.

Now and then, the despicable fermenting of Polyphenols may likewise have antagonistic impacts. Tea Polyphenols are best blended with water in the vicinity of 160 and 280°F. Too much-boiling water may bring about indigestion or a furious stomach.


Polyphenols appear to decrease the assimilation of iron from sustenance. Drinking high measurements can be lethal. The lethal measurements of Polyphenols are assessed to be 10-14 grams (150-200 mg for every kilogram).

Tea Polyphenols can likewise decrease the bioavailability of non-heme iron. Non-heme iron is the essential kind of iron in eggs, dairy, and plant sustenance, for example, beans. A recent report informs that Polyphenols lessen the retention of non-heme iron by 25%. Vitamin C increments non-heme iron retention, so you can crush lemon into your tea or devour other vitamin-C-rich sustenance, for example, broccoli, with your dinner.

If you have an iron inadequacy like pallor, the National Cancer Institute suggests expanding tea between suppers.

Excessive Headaches

Populace-based research thinks about have demonstrated that Polyphenols are a hazard considered for unending everyday migraine onset.

Nervousness, Anxiety, and sleeplessness

Polyphenols apply impact tension and rest which change as per individual tolerance to methylxanthine. It squares rest inciting chemicals in the mind and expands adrenaline generation.

Irregular Heartbeat

Polyphenols may bring about a sporadic pulse. It likewise invigorates the heart muscles to contract when very still.

Since Polyphenols and this substance influence the development of nourishment through the food pipe, substituting compression and unwinding of the pipe muscles can bring about sickness.

Polyphenols have a diuretic impact. It adds to peristalsis (the development of nourishment through the stomach-related framework). It animates the colon muscles to contract and after that unwind, which brings about an expanded need to move your insides.

Muscle Tremors and Contractions

By directing calcium particle channels inside cells, Polyphenols power skeletal muscle contractions.

Acid reflux

Polyphenols expand the arrival of corrosives in your stomach. 4 This causes inconvenience like acid reflux.


Polyphenols can diminish the stream of blood to the cerebrum, prompting discombobulation and movement sickness.

So excessive dosages of polyphenols are not advised and tests shouldn’t be consumed on an empty stomach. Some people who consume a higher level of this substance develop a greater degree of discomfort.

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