Dear customers and all the departments:

The May-day is coming, according to the Chinese state council stipulation, we will take the 2021 May-day holiday, below are the holiday arrangements:

1. May day holiday time: from 1st to 5th May, we will be back to work on 6th(Thursday).

2.During the holiday, inland and domestic shipments will be delayed to the 6th, all the departments please arrange work in advance.

3.During the holiday, there will have no person be on duty, in case you have urgent circumstance please contact manager Bi phone No:+86-18110808161

4.During the holiday, all departments please pay attention to the fire and against theft, ensure company property safe.

5.The person that goes home or travels outside please take care of your safe. Qherb wishes our great mother country flourishing and invigorating, Wish all the customers have a happy family and good luck in everything.