Herba Cistanches Extract


Herba Cistanches Extract
Latin name: Cistanche deserticol
Other name: Cistanche Tubulosa Extract
Part Used: Root
Appearance: Yellowish-brown powder
Active ingredients: Echinacoside and Acteoside; Verbascoside; Kusaginin
Specification: 5% 10% 20% 40% 60% 80% 85% Glycosides of benzene UV, 1%~25% Echinacoside HPLC, 1%~10% Acteoside HPLC

1. Desertliving Cistanche Herb Extract improves brain function, learning, and memory function, improves their ability to remember and extract memorized information;
2. Desertliving Cistanche Herb Extract has echinacoside which is one of its active principles – protects damaged fibroblasts by controlling levels of reactive oxygen species;
3. Desertliving Cistanche Herb Extract has an anti-aging effect by: – inhibiting the activity of reactive oxygen species.
4. Desertliving Cistanche Herb Extract has echinacoside and acetonide which improve sexual ability; Aspects for reinforcing power and strengthening kidney;
5. Aspects for beauty: Resisting radiation, whitening, Relieving constipation with laxatives

1. Tonify the kidneys and strengthen the yang;
2. Deficiency of the kidneys manifested as impotence.
3. Antioxidative effects.
4. Pain in the lower back and knees and fragile bones and tendons due to kidney deficiency.
5. Moisten the intestines and move feces
6. Women’s Frigidity and Infertility.
7. Constipation due to dryness in the intestines.

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