Luo Han Guo Extract

Luo Han Guo Extract

English name: Monk Fruit Extract

Botanical Name: Momordica Grosvenori

Part Used: Fruit

Active Ingredient: Mogrosides/Mogroside V

CAS.NO: 88901-36-4

Product Specification:

Monk Fruit Extract 30% 40% 50% 55% Mogroside V HPLC

Monk Fruit Juice Concentrated 0.01% 2% 3.5% Mogroside V HPLC

Monk Fruit Powder 1% 1.5% 13.5% Mogroside V HPLC

What is Luo Han Guo Extract?

Siraitia grosvenorii (Monk fruit or Luo Han Guo) is a herbaceous perennial vine of the Cucurbitaceae (gourd) family, native to southern China and northern Thailand. The plant is cultivated for its fruit, whose extract is nearly 300 times sweeter than sugar and has been used in China as a low-calorie sweetener for cooling drinks and in traditional Chinese medicine. This unusual fruit is exponentially sweeter than sugar, with high concentrations of fructose and glucose, but the sweetness comes from unique glycosides in the flesh of the fruit. In addition, this fruit is packed with antioxidants and other organic compounds and vitamins that have a wide array of benefits to human health.

Usage of Luo Han Guo:

In southern China, Luo Han Guo is popularly considered a longevity aid and is used to balance heat buildup caused by internal conditions, life forces, or external heat. It is used as an expectorant and antitussive to treat lung congestion, cough, other respiratory ailments, and sore throat. It also is used for constipation and chronic enteritis. Luo Han Guo is low caloric, low-glycemic food used as a sweetener in beverages and cooked food.

Luo Han Guo has been used for centuries in China and Southeast Asia for its sweet flavor and medicinal properties. Historic writings record Song Dynasty monks brewing it as a medicinal beverage more than 800 years ago. The dried fruit has been used as an ingredient in soup or stew to prevent symptoms of long-term conditions or for ongoing treatment. It is used as a tea for immediate relief of discomfort.

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