Rubusoside Sweet tea extract

Rubusoside Sweet tea extract

Latin name: Rubus Suavissimus S. Lee

Part: Leaf

Specification: 70%~90% Rubusoside HPLC


Sweet Tea is also known as Chinese Blackberry Tea (Rubus Suavissimus S. Lee). This sweet tea contains a natural sweetener, known as Rubusoside. Rubusoside is low in calories making this tea an ideal drink for the calorie-conscious consumer.

Rubusoside is commonly known as either Sweet Tea Extract or Chinese Blackberry Extract. Our Rubososide is extracted from the leaves of the Chinese Blackberry Bush (Rubus Suavissimus S. Lee). The Extract is 200~300 times as sweet as cane sugar and contains over 70% Rubusoside. This Extract is processed into a white powder, which is very soluble in water and can be easily mixed with food without changing the color of the processed food.

Rubusoside is a Diterpene Glycoside composed of steviol and glucoside, low energy but high sweet,300 times than sugar, help to treatment for fat caused by an overdose of sugar and other disease caused from this, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, blood vessel problems, kidney weak, etc.


  1. Natural sweetener, 300 times more  than crane sugar in sweetness
  2. Suit for the people who suffer from diabetes and high pressure
  3. Zero calories, good for those who love dessert but worry about weight

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