Devil’s Claw Extract

Devil's Claw Extract

Devil’s Claw Extract

Latin Name: Harpagophytum procumbens

Part used: root

Appearance: Brown powder

Product Specification: 1%-2.5%Harpagoside HPLC

Description of Devil’s Claw Extract:

Devil’s claw is a native plant of southern Africa, especially in the Kalahari desert, Namibia, and the island of Madagascar. The name devil’s claw is derived from the herb’s unusual fruits, which are covered with numerous small claw-like appendages. The secondary storage roots, or tubers, of the plant, are used in herbal supplements

Extracts from this herb can reduce inflammation, and pain and relax muscular spasms, which is especially helpful for back and joint pain.

Also known as Devils Claw, Devil’s Claw Root, Garra del Diablo, Grapple Plant, Griffe du Diable, Harpagophyti Radix, Racine de Griffe du Diable, Racine de Windhoek, Teufelskrallenwurzel, Wood Spider.


Devil’s claw has been effective in the treatment of some cases of arthritis. The action seems to be due to the presence of a glycoside called harpagoside that reduces inflammation in the joints. However, it is not always effective but is worth considering in cases where there is inflammation with pain. Devil’s claw also assists in stimulating and cleansing the liver and gall bladder and will therefore assist in removing toxins from the body.
1) Improve the vitality of the joints.
2) Stimulating appetite and aiding digestion.

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