Standard Herb Extract

A standard herb extract, also known as a standardized herbal extract, is a type of botanical extract that is processed to contain a specific, consistent amount of one or more active compounds. The goal of standardization is to ensure that each batch of the extract has the same potency and therapeutic effects. This is particularly important in herbal medicine and dietary supplements, where consistency and efficacy are crucial.

Carthamus Yellow

Color Value E(1%、1cm、405±5nm)50~200

Burdock Root extract

Burdock Root extract/ Burdock Fruit Extract Ingredient name: Arctiin, Arctigenin Specification:5:1 10% 20% 30% 70% 85% Arctiin HPLC

Boswellia Serrata Extract

4:1, 60% -65% Boswellic Acid

Black Goji Berry Extract

Anthocyanidin 3%, 6%, 17% UV

Black fungus Extract

10%-40% Polysaccharides UV

Black Cohosh Extract

Active ingredient: Triterpene Glycosides, Specification: 2.5% 5% 8%

Bitter Melon Extract

10:1 Charantin/Saponins 1%~10%

Bilberry Extract

Anthocyanidins 25% UV, Anthocyanin 36% HPLC

Bamboo Leaf Extract

Bamboo Leaf Flavone: 12%, 24%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 50%


Scutellaria Baicalensis Extract 85% Baicalin HPLC